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June 20 2016


Peppa Pig Character Toys

Peppa pig
Peppa Pig toys are quite popular character toys and are also immensely loved amongst young kids providing imagination and role play. She features in a very children's indicate that shows the life span of Peppa , friends. Peppa with his fantastic friends check out playgroup, visit their grand parents and ride their bikes inside the play area, go swimming amongst a whole array of other play activities.

animation for kids
Certainly one of her favourite things is to do is start large muddy puddles. She can be very bossy, often taking a lead role in school activities and games along with her friends, and could be a little mean to her little brother George who may seem to cry a whole lot with rainbow-like arcs of tears. Peppa's favourite toy is her Teddy, while George's is "Mr Dinosaur," and something of his traits is that they can only say "Dine-saw".

Peppa Pig toy range includes many role-play items from Peppa Bathtime Boat, Camper Van Playset, Deluxe Playhouse, Peppa Hide and Seek, Princess Peppa Royal Carriage, Spaceship and Peppa's playground pals.

Toys coming soon:

The Peppa Pig range will be around in large scale role-play sets and wooden and battery operated wheeled toys. Watch out for an outdoors toy array of toys including prams and pushchairs, and a Patio Set that are launching for spring/summer 2009.

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